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General Information for MODULE




SSOT VFD modules have been developed for more convenient usage of high-brightness and high-reliability VFDs.

The Module employs 5x7Dot, 9x9Dot.Alpha-Numeric type VFD as its display devices and requires +5Vde power to operate the module, since the necessary voltage is formed from the DC/DC Converter.

By using the built-in MCU, CG-Rom, various characters can be displayed by ASCII Code input.




l  5伏电源输入(部分型号提供宽电压输入:+5伏~+24伏)

l  +5V power source is needed to operate the module.

(Some modules provide a wide operating voltage: +5Vdc ~ +24Vdc.)

l  单片控制器提供了灵活的数据输入和编辑模式。


l  One chip controller provides the flexible data entry and editing mode.

The module can be directly connected to the host system using TTL level interface.

l  兼备并口和串口通信功能;串口通信时,波特率选择范围是300bps到19200bps;通过亮度控制功能可以实现亮度多阶调整。

l  Either parallel or serial data input mode can be selected.

In case of serial input, it is possible to choose baud-rate from 300 to 19,200 bps

Brightness can be controlled into several levels by dimming function.

l  欧文和日文字库可以选择。

l  Either European or Japanese Katakana font can be switchable selected.

l  提供多达16个字符的自定义字库。

l  The module has up to 16 User Definable Fonts (UDF).



General Specifications

l  电气规格

l  Electrical Specifications

- 供电电压:+5伏(部分型号提供宽电压输入:+5伏~+24伏)

- Supply Voltage: +5V

(Some modules provide a wide operating voltage: 5V - 24V.)

- 接口信号:TTL电平(部分型号提供RS-232或USB接口)

- interfacing Signal: TTL level

(Some modules are available to interface by using RS-232C or USB.)

l  光学规格

l  Optical Specifications

- 亮度:典型值 700 cd/m2 (204 ft-L)

- Luminance: Typical 700 cd/m2 (204 ft-L)

- 颜色:蓝绿色, 波长:505nm

- Color: Blue - Green. Peak Wave = 505 nm

l  环境规格

l  Environment Specifications


- Operating Temperature: -20℃~+70℃

- 存储温度:-40℃~+85℃

- Storage Temperature: -40℃~+85℃



※See individual specification for details.


※The descriptions and specifications in this catalogue are subject to change  without prior notice.




Graphic Type VFD Module

l  采用内置专用芯片(单片控制器),每一个点可以独立控制。

l  By using the built-in ASIC(One-Chip Controller), you easily operate VFDs by addressing each dot individually.

l  图形类型模块集合了VFD显示技术、驱动技术和接口技术,提供了一个集成化、低成本的产品。

l  Graphic modules combine VF Display technology with driving circuitry and interface circuit in a compact and low cost package.

l  SSOT的全点阵图形模块为您的困难提供了解决方案。

l  SSOT’s full-dot graphic VFD modules offer the solution to your difficulties.

l  图形类型的模块几乎可以显示所有的信息,包括数字、字符和图形。

l  Graphic VFD modules can display almost information, including numerals, characters and graphics.

l  图形类型的模块应用到衡器、计算器、收银机、提款机、医疗设备、通讯设备、测量设备和医院、银行、车站或建筑物的信息板上。

l  Graphic VFD modules are being used for high performance Scales, ECR, POS, ATM, Medical, Communication, Measuring equipment, Elevators and lots of information Boards in Hospitals, Banks, Complexes,Buildings, Stations, etc.

l  点阵数的组成和显示区域可以灵活组合。

l  Composition of Dot Matrix and Display areas are flexible.




l  高品质显示和亮度表现

l  High quality of display and luminance

l  采用扁平封装集成电路驱动器和单片控制器,使模块产品紧凑、轻量化

l  Compact and light-weight unit by using flat packed display drivers and one-chip VFD controller

l  简单的结构电路

l  Driving through a simple interface

l  高速8位数据写入

l  High speed 8bit data write-in capability

l  软件对亮度可调

l  Luminance adjustment available by software

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